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A handy calculator that will calculate both your Western and Chinese birth Signs. Enter the day, month, and year of your birth - or your date's - and instantly figure out if you (or they) are a Gemini born in the Year of the Ox, or a Year of the Rabbit/Cat Aquarius. The calculator will also return customizable funny messages if the user inputs an impossible date (ie, February 30 or December 32).

Astrology is the oldest of all the sciences. It was a very wise caveman who know not to hunt deer on a full moon day. Why? Because it would have been a full moon night the night before. That means it would have been bright and the deer could feed at night then lay low during the day.

Astrology's beginnings were indeed humble. Just like the early man that used it. Early caveman used Astrology for survival. His ability to know the habits of other animals was one of his greatest assets in survival. Knowing when to travel to a certain area to hunt a certain beast at a certain time of year was vital. But you still have to know what time of year it is.

The fact is that from the very dawn of humanity (until today), people have looked up to the heavens and the planets for guidance. Thousands of years ago astrology was, generally speaking, reserved only for members of royalty. There were good points to astrology being embraced by those having political power, and there were several bad points. One of the best advantages was that an astrologer could often look forward to a nice, comfortable, civil service job in the palace.

The Celtic people of northern Europe were firm Pagans and lived their lives to Astrological rhythms. When Rome wanted to incorporate the Celts into Christianity they would not move to Christianity without their Winter Solstice Holiday. The Celts had many holidays that are now in our calendar but that is how Christianity got Christmas.

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