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Looking to purchase a new home just check out our mortgage calculator, refinance a current home mortgage or get a auto loan? We feature a line of calulators for personal finance as well a wealth of information on loans and how they work.

We offer a number of loan resources for perfect and less than perfect credit. So let's get started! Mortgage Calculator and more! JAVA ENABLED

Figure what your monthly loan payments are going to cost you on your new or used car truck motorcycle.

Auto Loan
Works with any kind of home mortgage loan, shows interest paid and your monthly payments.

Works with any kind of loan, figures monthly payment based on principle, interest and loan term.

Basic Loan
Works with any kind of loan shows interest paid, how much goes to principle and your monthly payment

Amortization Table
Lower your monthly car payment by refinancing at a lower rate, just see how much you can save.

Refinance Auto Loan
You may want to consider lowering your monthly payments by refinancing your home mortage loan.

Refinance Mortgage
Off to college you go, but for a price that you want to know. See what your monthly payments will be.

Student Loan
Interest adds up quick over a set period of time, such as with credit card payments. Time to look for a lower rate!

Compound Interest
You can be saving up to 60% on your monthly payments. See how much you can keep.

Debt Consolidation
If you pay the minimum payment ? You may be making payments FOREVER

Credit Card
You have invested your money well, see if you made that big profit.

Stock Investment
You put in your 40 hrs this week plus, a whole lot more. Time to buy that Escalade.

Pay Check
This could make you very happy or on second thought maybe not!

Loan Payoff
Remember that last raise see how much of a percent it really was.

Percent of Increase
Computes the average cost base of stocks mutual funds or investments.

Adjusted Cost
Before you go throwing darts on Wall Street check to see if you can't earn a higher rate.

Debt Investment
If you start now now you could be worth a bundle in a few hundred years.

Lifetime Savings
How much do you really get to keep after everybody is done with you.

Hourly Wage
Estimate your weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and yearly personal income.

Income Calculator
You can save if you make 1/2 of your mortgage payment every two weeks.

Bi Weekly Mortgage
How much longer will it take to payoff your bill.

Credit Card Payoff
Those long distance overage on you cell phone add up.

Phone Bill Calculator
It must be time to break in to the kids piggy bank again.

Money Counter
Calculate the future value of your hourly wage

Increase Your Wage
How does your body stack up? your wrist tells all.

Malebody Calculator
Check energy, obesity, and body weight standards.

Body Mass Calculator
Are you burning enough calories find out quick.

Calorie Calculator
Your due date is near great for all those mothers-to-be.

Pregnancy Calculator
Is you car a to slow maybe a little more horsepower.

Horsepower Calculator
Figure the distance between two major cities.

Driving Distance
Calculate all expenses repair, gas and more!

Total Car Cost
Is you car using to much gas with high prices!

Miles Per Gallon
We have the winning numbers for the future big win!

Lottery Number Calculator
Does just what it says 120 = XXLXLLX or something.

Roman Numeral Converter
If you can't figure it out we can help.

Metric Conversion
For the pilot calculate distance from city to city.

Airport Calculator
Calculate both your Western and Chinese birth Signs

Astrological Calculator
Estimate how long it will take to download a file on the PC.

Download Calculator
Confused about the various units used in bandwidth.

Bandwidth Calculator
Just enter the birthday and we will tell you the age.

Age Calculator
Just one more beer just one.

Blood Alcohol Content
Just how cold is it out there

Wind Chill Calculator
Fahrenheit to Celsius

Temperature Conversion
How many gallons will it take.

Paint Calculator
From Weeks, days, hours

Date Difference
Electric stuff in your house.

Appliance Cost
It's all about your ride.

Top RPM Calculator
For the photo enthusiast only

Field Depth Calculator
Running time, distance more.

Running Calculator
Do your grades stack up?

Grade Point Average
Measure time or speed more.

Distance Speed Time
Just like a stop watch

Elapsed Time Calculator
Just the basic stuff man.

Basic Calculator
Most advanced of its kind.

Advanced Calculator
For the big brains only!

Scientific Calculator
It does almost everything!

Hi Tech Calculator

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